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do something today that your future self will thank you for.

MAXIMILLIAN® a global superstar for the roarin' 2020s...
Discovered in 2009 in a nationwide talent search by 8-time Grammy Award® winner Usher, Maximillian Goldberg - an operatically-trained Leggero Tenor, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist - was one of 20 teenagers flown to Hollywood for Body by Milk's "Got Noise?" filmmaking competition, in partnership with Usher's long-running successful charity "Camp New Look". Maximillian was selected in 2008 ahead of tens of thousands of entrants after his music video treatment was chosen as a finalist. He captained "The Killer Bs" and defeated eventual Golden Globe Award® winner Ramy Youssef's "A-Team" by garnering hundreds of thousands of votes after both teams' competing music videos, both featuring Usher performing "More" (the final single from his Grammy Award winning album "Raymond v Raymond"), were placed online in a head-to-head battle. Maximillian looks back fondly and likens his years of working with Usher to "being on The Mickey Mouse Club".

THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON was born in Flint, Michigan on May 8th, 1991 while Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" cradled the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Though Flint is his first home, he was primarily raised in Missouri City, TX, an affluent Houston suburb flaunted by Destiny's Child on "MTV Cribs" in 2001. Travis Scott attended Maximillian's rival high school, but the two would have been classmates if it weren't for Maximillian's acceptance into the nearby, Emmy-winning "Hightower Electronic Media Academy". In addition to Flint and Houston, Maximillian also spent his childhood years in Madison, WI, Denver, CO, and Kansas City, MO. His father is a British-American marketing exec of English (Christopher Reeve is a distant cousin), Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and French-Canadian ancestry. His African-American mother, of Nigerian and Russian-Jewish descent, was a successful Gospel singer prior to becoming partner at her Texas law firm. His Russian-Jewish lineage dates back to the mid-1800s mass migration of Jews from Russia to the American South. Raised an only child, Maximillian was named after St. Maximilian Kolbe (born Raymund Kolbe in 1894), a Catholic saint and martyr that sacrificed himself to die in place of a stranger while imprisoned at Auschwitz in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II on August 14, 1941, now known as "St. Maximilian Day". "X-Men" actress Halle Berry's birthday falls on "St. Maximilian Day" and fortuitously in 2004, she gifted a 12 year old Maximillian Goldberg his very first taste of Hollywood: her "Hallewood" Fan Club named him "Groover of the Quarter" and his prizes included a phone call from the Oscar®, Emmy®, and Golden Globe-winning actress, then-filming DC's "Catwoman" in Canada. Halle knew Maximillian's mother was a singer and though he was a student at Houston's prestigious "Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School", Halle caught him off-guard by asking if he, too, could sing. "Oh no! I could break glass with my voice!" the lying 12 year old replied, to a very suspicious Halle. Maximillian says Halle's "super" phone call changed everything.

Maximillian is a fifth-generation performer. His paternal great-great-grandparents owned and operated a traveling entertainment show featured in Billboard Magazine throughout the 1940s and 1950s. His maternal great-grandparents owned Flint's first black owned record shop in the 1960s. His grandfather Wiley was a Northern Soul singer in Detroit during Motown's peak in the 1970s before his untimely murder in the early 1980s. Shortly before Wiley's murder, he briefly worked in Hollywood as a background vocalist for 3-time Grammy winner & Hollywood legend Lena Horne. At the time, Lena was preparing to record a duet album with the Chairman himself, Frank Sinatra. Over a decade later, Maximillian's mother had a successful career as a Gospel singer throughout Texas. Outside of megachurches, Yolanda also sang background vocals for 4-time Grammy Award winner Lyle Lovett. While Maximillian was a child, he watched his mother, a classically trained Soprano, perform for thousands of people every week. He listened to his mother's heavenly range and took his own (high) notes...

During pre-production for Usher's music video in 2009, the world stopped. Maximillian's childhood hero and inspiration passed away. Michael Jackson's death upended Usher's schedule; the long-planned video shoot was placed on hold indefinitely. The world watched Usher's tear-filled rendition of "Gone Too Soon" at Michael's funeral. Months of uncertainty followed Usher's performance, but in December of 2009 the newly crowned King summoned dozens of teenagers to California to shoot their separate, competing music videos with him. After learning a few dance moves from Usher in the flesh, Maximillian led his team "The Killer Bs" to the 1st place gold medal (and prizes) by shooting his own music video. "Vote for Team B! (feat. Usher)", set to Grammy Award & Academy Award winner Lady Gaga's song "Love Game" featured (in addition to bee-stingin'-rump-shakin') Usher saying "Vote for Team B!" Maximillian's Lonely Island/SNL-style skit (ironically, Lorne Michaels would later be a client of Maximillian's at CAA) surged in popularity by going viral and eclipsing the actual competing Usher videos in popularity. The success of the "Vote for Team B!" video also led to a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company; Coke flew Maximillian to Atlanta and gave him a VIP tour of their global headquarters before placing him in a high-profile commercial for Sprite's "Refreshing Films" teen filmmaking program. The Sprite commercial was way too hot for TV: in 2011 it ran nationwide on every single movie theater screen in the U.S.A. in front of megahits Fast Five, Bridesmaids, and Wes Craven's final film Scream 4.

Tremendous fan support won Maximillian his "Got Noise?" MacBook Pro, which became a gift that kept on giving. He used it to record his first demos, including a cover of Sam Smith's "Latch" that ended up MTV and RCA Records in 2013. Some listeners had a difficult time discerning the difference between Maximillian's cover and Sam Smith's original. Mariah Carey's early songs "Vision of Love" and "Love Takes Time" were sometimes mistaken as Whitney Houston's by those without MTV. Naysayers accused Maximillian of uploading Sam's original song and slapping his own name on it. Vindication came. In 2017, Sam Smith and a then-unknown Maximillian Goldberg crossed paths at an L.A. club. Sam was in town finishing "Pray" with Timbaland, the final track on "The Thrill of It All". On 4/11/2017, Maximillian spotted an incognito Sam across the club and slithered his way across the room. He didn't explain his "Latch" fiasco or that he'd already arranged a duet for the two of them, a cover of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's Oscar winning "When You Believe" (transposed down 7 semitones). Like DiCaprio's Jack Dawson in Titanic, Maximillian felt obligated to help a (Oscar and Grammy winning) fish-out-of-water blend in, dance, and have a good time. Despite Sam sticking out like the Queen of England at the grimy club, they danced the night away before taking a selfie together (a photo Maximillian calls "Cinderfella's glass sneaker"). Maximillian's parting words were "No more lonely hours for you!" Sam flew to London the next morning and they never saw each other again. That's not where the story ends, though. The first song Sam Smith wrote after that fateful night went on to become the most played song on the radio in the entire WORLD in 2019... "Ohh Baby, Baby I'm Dancing With A Stranger". 

In 2010, after Usher but long before possibly inspiring a worldwide monster hit, Maximillian was still a student at The King's College in New York City's Empire State Building, then known as the world's tallest campus. After seeing Usher on his résumé and a few rounds of interviews, MTV hired him at 19. He was their youngest Studio Production Intern and worked closely on-set with stars Kesha, Justin Timberlake, Drake, and [at the time Mr. Mariah Carey] Nick Cannon. One of Nick Cannon's interviews had to be re-shot because Nick made the entire production crew erupt into laughter thanks to his response to a question inquiring whether he had trepidations about potentially fighting Eminem to defend his then-wife, given muscular photos of Eminem circulating online. "Man that's PHOTOSHOP!" Other than that moment of Nick Cannon-induced laughter, Maximillian never, ever broke character at MTV. He was a devoted intern that hid behind his glasses like Peter Parker and never made any mention of his own singing career or his family's music history. He finished the semester by organizing a concert in Times Square for Forbes Magazine's richest woman in music/his fraternal twin, Rihanna. After conquering MTV and New York City, he spent a year interning in Los Angeles for Universal Pictures, Marvel Studios, The Walt Disney Company/ABC, and ended his Midas-touched, golden internship streak at Sony/Columbia Tristar Motion Pictures Group's Screen Gems.

As a Sony subsidiary, Screen Gems' directive from Tokyo is simple: place Sony Music artists in box office smashes. Chris Brown's "This Christmas", Beyoncé's "Obsessed", and Justin Timberlake's "Friends with Benefits" alone grossed $273 Million at the box office from a combined budget of $68 Million. Those are just a few highly lucrative examples of Sony Music artists leveraging their unique relationship with the Sony corporate umbrella (neither Universal Music nor Warner Music are connected to their similarly-titled film entities) to tremendous financial success. It was during Maximillian's semester at Screen Gems (located on the Sony Pictures backlot in Culver City and attached to the soundstage where The Wizard of Oz was filmed: Stage 6) that megastar Whitney Houston's shocking death stunned the world. Outside of those who knew her intimately, Screen Gems was especially rocked: her unfinished final film "Sparkle" had a laundry list of re-shoots on the schedule. But now Whitney was gone. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Maximillian worked tirelessly alongside the Screen Gems executive team in a mad dash to do the impossible: finish Whitney Houston's final film without Whitney Houston. Screen Gems, with Maximillian's Midas touch on their side, rose to the occasion. "Sparkle" was completed and released later that year and became a box office smash, earning back double its budget. Aside from her untouchable music career, Maximillian credits Whitney's graceful transition into acting as something he aspires to emulate someday. However other than a 2014 Olympics commercial, Maximillian continuously declines all acting roles. In 2015, he turned down an offer to star in a Judd Apatow pilot. Nurturing his career as a recording artist is his primary focus, just as Whitney's was (at first).

After "Sparkle", Maximillian returned to New York City and finished his Bachelor's Degree in Media, Culture, & the Arts. Somehow he did it an entire year early, despite his year away balls-deep in Hollywood. He bounced back to Los Angeles in early 2013, his home ever since, and took his first post-graduate job as an assistant to Stevie Wonder's agent, Brett Steinberg, at Creative Artists Agency's world headquarters in Century City. He then moved up to Brand Partnerships under Tera Hanks (who now runs Will Smith's "Westbrook Inc.") where he did extensive work for clients Lorne Michaels, Kerry Washington, and Halle Berry (though like Cinderella, Maximillian was locked away in his cubicle when Halle came for a meeting). After endless suspicion that Maximillian was better suited to be an eventual CAA client, with his boss's encouragement he took a leap of faith and left CAA to train under world-renowned vocal coach Seth Riggs's (Michael Jackson, Prince, among countless other legends) Speech Level Singing curriculum. Away from New York's brutal winters and claustrophobic living quarters, Maximillian discovered the true extent of his distinct Leggero Tenor range (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Axl Rose, Brian McKnight, The Weeknd).

To his surprise, he discovered his whistle register, long-thought unthinkable and impossible in males. He knew his belting range shared similarities to Mariah Carey's, with rich lows and angelic highs, but even he was shocked to learn how much he and Mariah's cords truly have in common. In 2013, during a chance encounter in Beverly Hills with Golden Age Actress Anna Maria Alberghetti (and world-renowned Soprano like Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Maximillian's mother, Yolanda), he asked for advice on controlling his newfound whistle register. Anna Maria (lead in 1960's "Cinderfella" & whose co-stars have included Dean Martin and Bing Crosby) frightened Maximillian by immediately flicking him in the forehead..."Sing from here!" In 2014, Anna Maria's advice paid off. Maximillian broke the Guinness World Record for Highest Vocal Note by a Male, an Eb8: higher than any piano! 

Almost a decade after his initial discovery, Tinseltown got its first taste of Maximillian's earth-shattering five-octave vocal range with his debut single PLAYERS CLUB. An homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood, Maximillian was lyricist, composer, and co-produced the song (along with a long since-fired collaborator who will not receive any publicity on Maximillian's website and whose incompetence is the reason the mercilessly petty Mr. Goldberg pulled the hit track from streaming services in 2020). The legendary "Thug Misses" herself, "My Neck, My Back" rapper Khia congratulated the track crossing 1 Million streams in a hilarious sensational video that continues to attract buzz. Now in 2021, Maximillian follows up the breakout success of his hit single with a full length LP, INXSCAPABLE. Packed with radio-ready pop jams, candy-coated with sweet, juicy, silky-smooth urban appeal, INXSCAPABLE is destined to "Usher" Maximillian Goldberg into a high-stakes bidding war with every major label and independent record label that can afford the undeniable, diamond-in-the-rough artistic excellence he ALWAYS brings to the table. 

After floating under the radar like a butterfly, he's ready to sting the airwaves like a bee. His debut album assembles an A-list team of hot new producers from six different continents. Maximillian was committed to selecting the final tracklisting ONLY after he combed through each and every single one of the countless submissions he receives daily. Only the best of the best made the cut. Recorded while international Covid-19 restrictions remain in place, leaving traditional collaboration out of reach, INXSCAPABLE features tracks from producers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Paraguay, Croatia, France, Nigeria, and Australia. CRIKEY! People all over the world are searching for Maximillian Goldberg, but the one place you're guaranteed to find him?

The Top of the Charts

2022 marks The Year of The Tiger, so...

RAWR U Ready?

"Vote for Team B (feat. Usher)" 

Body by Milk's 'Got Noise?'

1st Place (2010)