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MAXIMILLIAN -  next decade's superstar.


Discovered in 2009 by Usher, Maximillian Goldberg was one of 20 teenagers flown to Los Angeles to compete in 'Body by Milk's 'Got Noise?' filmmaking competition, in partnership with Usher's successful charity, Camp New Look. He competed against the likes of Emmy-nominee Ramy Youssef in creating separate, competing music videos for Usher's 2010 single, "More", the final single from his Grammy Award ® winning album, 'Raymond v Raymond'. Maximillian was born in Flint, Michigan and raised in Houston, Texas to a British-American father and African-American mother. His single mother raised him while managing her own music career and he credits watching her, a Gospel Soprano, perform in front of audiences of thousands as his main inspiration in pursuing his own musical aspirations.

After shooting with Usher in 2009, Maximillian Goldberg led his team, the Killer Bees, to 1st place, only defeating Ramy and his 'A-Team' after marketing his own parody video "Vote for Team B! (feat. Usher)" set to the melody and instrumental of Grammy & Oscar winner Lady Gaga's "Love Game". Maximillian's own SNL-style skit video surged in popularity, eclipsing all of Usher's other videos for "More", and led the Killer B's to first place (including a MacBook Pro that Goldberg credits as a "lifesaver" in learning to record and produce his very first demos). In 2010, MTV hired him as their youngest Studio Production Intern during which time he worked on set with Justin Timberlake, Drake, Mariah Carey's husband-at-the-time Nick Cannon, and organized a concert in Times Square for Forbes Magazine's richest woman in music, Rihanna. After completing his Bachelor's Degree a year early, Maximillian never gave up his dreams of a career in the music business and it shows...


A decade after his initial discovery, Tinseltown is now Maximillian's "Players Club". A homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood Glamour, Goldberg wrote the song's lyrics, composed the melodies, and co-produced the song alongside his business partner Benjamin Davidson, known as "Billy D3 Kid". Together, the dynamic duo will release Maximillian Goldberg's debut EP entitled, "Spend Some Time". Packed with radio-ready mainstream pop jams, softened a smooth urban appeal, this October will no doubt "Usher" Mr. Goldberg into high-stakes bidding war between major label heavy-hitters Warner, Sony, and Universal. He's spent a lot of time in the shadows (he credits George Michael, Prince, Usher, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and Mariah Carey as his influences) and critics are clear: he'll be "spending time" surfing radio airwaves for years and years to come. 

"Vote for Team B (feat. Usher)" 

Body by Milk's 'Got Noise?'

1st Place (2010)