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Rap legend Khia "POPS" her way to the "Players Club"!

Updated: Oct 6

Legendary rapper Khia, mastermind behind Rap cult-classic "My Neck, My Back", who also famously collaborated with Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame inductee Janet Jackson on her 2006 single "So Excited", has made her way to the Players Club! The multi-talented rapper, businesswoman, and self-proclaimed "Gangstress" uploaded a video featuring an expletive-laden congratulatory message for Maximillian's hit single "Players Club" crossing the 1 million stream mark. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Hey Maximillian, baby congrats; da Players Club hit 1 million streams! All you h*es not streamin' needs to quit bullsh*ttin' and stream dat sh*t. This Whoopi nephew! Help our Black King so he can collect the coins that he needs to afford to get the Queen on da Remix! Do yo thang baby, I'm so proud of you! That's what's up! You heard him! Players Club hit 1 million streams! Be sure to stream it today, yep!"

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